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“There were times during your presentation that made me think that you were talking directly at my situation.”
The Man God Uses, Indianapolis, IN

"Mr Girton is very dynamic-an awesome presenter! He was able to keep our kids attention with no problem! The speaker covered in one hour, what could have taken me several days to go over with the students."
Tania Sharp, Whitley County High School

"John Girton was exceptional with his presentation style. He captures his audience and keeps their attention with his enthusiastic and comical delivery!"
Julie Smith, Cookeville High School

"Dynamic and motivational teacher! Definitely likes what he is doing. One of the most likeable and professional instructors. . . His knowledge is superior. . ."
ITT Technical Institute, Nashville, TN

"The young people [you spoke to] were very tuned to your presentation on faith. As a matter of fact, the young ladies were repeating back to me some of the things that you stated. They definitely have a better grasp now of what faith is and what it should mean to them."
Lil' Sisters Program/Buffalo Soldiers Program, YMCA/YWCA Nashville, TN

"The content was thought provoking and pertinent. Mr. Girton was very effective with keeping the students attention/interest!"
Kristie Hutchinson, Pearl-Cohn Magnet High School

"John had lots of energy and did not talk down to the students. He allowed many of them to be involved. He sought to involve all the students not just the academically gifted."
Vickie Stevens, Dickson Co High School

"The info was valuable and the delivery was real and right on time - John was very energetic. If students would actually utilize the information given, they would be way ahead with life's choices."
Mary Foxworth, Pearl-Cohn Magnet High School

"John was great! He did it in such a way that made it interesting for all."
Kelly Cummins, Stratford High School

"The content was pertinent and the speaker had a powerful presence. The charisma of John Girton is an added plus. Don't change the delivery of the speaker/presenter - he was excellent!"
Laura Wiseman, Stratford High School

"Energy, passion and confidence. This program empowers students in the areas of academics, career choices and post-secondary education."
Jennifer Mariano, Stratford High School

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